• Cheap wedding photography?
  • Budget wedding photography?
  • Low cost wedding photography?
  • Many couples, when preparing for their special wedding day, are considering these terms: cheap, budget and low cost photography. This is because of the reality today, great quality wedding photography are expensive.

    However, while everyone would like to save money on their wedding, they realize that quality wedding photography is too important to skimp on. Sure it is great to have great food, but such enjoyment is just a fleeting moment. Think back to all the weddings that you have attended in past. Do you remember the food they served? Is it wise to be cheap and compromise budget on something that is so important as your wedding photos?

    Several years ago, I was active as a wedding photographer. While it was never a full time job, I was a heavy duty weekend warrior wedding photographer. I attended meetings at the local chapters of Professional Photographer of America and submitted my finest prints into their print competitions. I consistently earned merit score of 80+. I remember when annually around February, a group of us wedding photographers would meet up at the big WPPI Convention in Las Vegas. Collectively, I have easily done way over 50 weddings and portrait gigs at a professional level. And I had a blast!

    Those times have faded a bit. With a growing family and other professional commitments, I cut back on wedding photography. But I have decided to get back into it. Quite frankly I miss it a lot.

    I am now a web developer. Some of my projects include working for large companies like Disney, Time Warner, and Universal. But I want to make my wedding photography affordable and of awesome quality. That is affordable, not cheap, not budget. I would like to also put together a wedding package that would utilize the power of the web.

    So here is the package I have prepared:

  • Local wedding engagement photography session (1 hour)
  • Custom website/gallery of your wedding engagement photos to share prior to the wedding
  • 20x30 inch poster of your best wedding engagement
  • 6 hours of wedding photography coverage
  • Formal, candid, journalistic style
  • All photos in high resolution JPEG on a DVD
  • Custom website/gallery of your best wedding photography photos to share after the wedding
  • All this for $499. That is less than five hundred dollars!
  • I am still developing this website. If you would like, please contact me directly on my cell phone at 818-288-0525. We can talk more, and perhaps, meet up at Star Bucks or something like that.... Danny Go.

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